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Lake Washington Sailing Club
West Sacramento, California
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History of the Lake Washington Sailing Club

Lake Washington Sailing Club (LWSC) was formed in September 1934, when A.A. Saville and several other Sacramento-area sailors realized that Lake Washington would be a better place for them to sail than the Sacramento River, which has strong currents that make it less than ideal for small boat sailing. They built the first clubhouse in October 1935, located on the west side of the lake, north of the current UC Davis rowing facility.

The lake itself has changed dramatically since then.  Prior to construction of the Port, Lake Washington was a several-mile long natural lake which stretched from the eastern end of the Yolo Causeway almost to the present day location of Club Pheasant. Construction of the port and ship channel began in 1949 and continued through the 1950s, forcing LWSC to move from its original location and move to the site of the current clubhouse, which was built in 1962.

Although the people and boats sailed have changed since its founding, LWSC members have never lost their focus on the enjoyment of small boat sailing.  Currently, Lasers, Sunfish, Lidos, windsurfers, and Thistles are popular boats that are raced and sailed at LWSC, and club members continue the tradition of hosting and competing in regattas throughout Northern California.  LWSC members’ love for harnessing the power of the wind remains unchanged and will continue for many years to come.

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