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Lake Washington Sailing Club

West Sacramento, California

Welcome to Lake Washington Sailing Club!


Lake Washington Sailing Club is a member-run, volunteer organization of individuals and boat owners interested in small boat sailing and windsurfing. An independent club licensed by the Port of West Sacramento, our facility is located at the south end of Harbor Blvd, with our entrance adjacent to the Port's.


Lake Washington's winds are the most consistent of the Sacramento sailing venues, thanks to the Delta Breeze that brings 8-15 mph thermal winds most days from May to September, with occasional stronger winds. Typically, the Delta Breeze picks up in the late afternoon and evening, perfect for after-work sailing. Novice sailors appreciate the warm water and absence of currents, while windsurfers and experienced sailors can take advantage of high wind days or participate in one of the many regattas organized by the club.


Even on non-windy days, you're welcome to picnic, enjoy the clubhouse, and watch nature abound. Our peninsula provides a window to many worlds: the excitement of an international port; collaboration with rowers and outboard fishing enthusiasts; and a micro-urban-wilderness area -- complete with sea lions, otters, ospreys, herons, pelicans and an active fishery.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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