Regatta Results:

2017 Turkey Shoot Regatta: Rain held off and we saw some sun in afternoon. 6 fleets with 6 races each. All had a great time.

2017 One-Design Series Day 4: One design #4 enjoyed northwesterly breezes and some gusts that made for exciting races. The Laser and Lido fleets welcomed a Sunfish fleet and an CFJ fleet of high school and college sailors.

2017 One-Design Series Day 3: One design #3 enjoyed northerly breezes that kept boats moving smartly. Competitive Thistle and Laser fleets made for a great afternoon of racing. Race committee did well in keeping everyone hydrated in 105+ temperatures.

2017 Dinghy Delta Ditch: Starting winds at Rio Vista were 10-15 MPH from the south with gusts to 20 MPH. Ending winds at LWSC were 10-14 MPH from the south with gusts to 17 MPH. All starts were on time. Weather was slightly overcast with highs in the mid 90's. Overall great weather great wind and great sailing.

2017 One-Design Series Day 2: One design #2 enjoyed southwesterly breeze in the low teens with gusts nearing 20 mph.
Competitive Thistle and Lido fleets made for a great afternoon of racing.

2017 Thursday Summer Series : 2017 Thursday evening summer series. Competitive Laser fleet open to all. First race: 6:00p

2017 One Design Series Day 1: Mostly NW winds were shifty to N and W throughout the afternoon. We had fun!

2017 Davis Sailing Team Benefit Regatta : For the 2017 spring benefit regatta there were 5 boats in moderate to light SE winds. Several members contributed to the sailing team. Spectators also included several parents from the High School Team. All in all the event was a successful and fun!

2016 Turkey Shoot: 2016 Turkey Shoot

One Design Series Day 5: One Design Series Day 5 included Lido District 2 Championship. NW to WNW winds were variable over the 5 races.

2016 One-Design Series - Day 4: Day 4 of 2016 One Design Series. First start at 3:00 p.m. Lido fleet choose not to have 5th race.

2016 One-Design Series - Day 3: Day 3 of 2016 One Design Series. Variable and light winds. Lido fleet choose not to have 5th race. First start at 3:00 p.m. Race Committee off water at 5:33 p.m.

2016 Dinghy Delta Ditch: Hopes for a strong-wind DDD didn't really materialize. While the wind for the 2nd half of the race was slightly above average the wind at the start was on the light side of normal. Of the early starting boats only one a Sunfish managed to get far enough up river to be a challenge to the faster boats hunting him down. Overall it was a another successful DDD!

2016 Thursday Summer Series: THURSDAY SUMMER SERIES RACE RESULTS: to access results select Event/Regatta Docs from sidebar

2016 One-Design Series - Day 2: Includes 2016 Thistle Championship for Districts 67 and 97
First three races were in heavy shifty winds from SW and last 2 races after a break for nearby thunderstorm saw moderating winds from the W. These two conditions were both challenging and much fun for racers and committee alike. Laser race 3 was abandoned.

2016 One-Design Series - Day 1: The One-Design Series race series began on April 2nd. Three one-design fleets and one Open division totaled 16 boats. Racing began after one hour delay due to late arriving southwesterly breeze. Light breeze continued throughout the afternoon with more puffs than lulls to keep the boats moving. We were back at the dock by 5:30. Thank you to my first time race committee members Deva Ganapathi and Mike and Anne Hammond which made my debut as PRO very manageable.
A special thanks goes to Brian Schyberg for all his effort from design to completion of the new boat hoist. Our competitors had the pleasure of using the hoist for the first time giving many compliments to this challenging project.
Steve Willett

2015 One Design Day Series Results: 2015 One Design Day Series Results

2015 One Design Day 5: 2015 One Design Day 5

2015 One Design Day 4: 2015 One Design Day 4

2015 Thistle District Championship: The forecast called for winds 9-10 from the south shifting southwest. What we got was 10-12 mph at the start that increased to 20 with gusts above 22. The wind stayed primarily south with shifts going toward the southeast. All in all a great day for Thistle sailing.

Mind you it was not Huntington Lake where we normally have our District races. However If you closed your eyes and think water wind and those beautiful wood burl trophies you get at Huntington you might think you where there. Overall the racing was competitive. The wind was shifting all over. You could have rounded the leeward mark say 4-5 boat lengths head of another boat look back and and see that you are down 10 degrees while the boat behind you is pointing 10+ higher than you. Or you could have made your final tack for the weather mark looking golden on a

2015 Dinghy Delta Ditch: The mid-morning conditions suggested this might be a year where course records would fall. However while the winds remained fairly strong through the majority of the starts by the time the fleet was in the man made shipping channel they had reduced to moderate levels. This year will be remembered for how close the boats were at the finish with all but 6 of the entrants finishing in a 15 minute window. There was even one 15 second window that saw 6 boats cross the finish line. Pretty amazing for a 30 mile race!

2015 One Design Day 3: 2015 One Design Series - race Day 3 Results

2015 One Design Series - Day 2 Results: Day 2 results of the 2015 One Design Series. Day 2 racing on May 9 with 15 races for 3 one-design fleets. Many thanks to all the race committee volunteers.

Davis Sailing Team Benefit Regatta May 2015: LWSC supported the Davis Sailing Team during its benefit regatta on 2 May 2015. Everyone enjoyed the races and awards onshore.

2015 One Design Series - Day 1 Results: Day 1 results of the 2015 One Design Series. The 2015 One Design Series began April 4 with 18 races. Winds were light at first and built to an exciting conclusion by 4:30. Many thanks to all the race committee volunteers.

2015 West Sac Port Regatta: 66 High School sailors came to LWSC for one of their school year series. The wind could have cooperated more but 3 races were held for the gold fleet and two for the silver fleet (who had one lost to no-wind abandonment).

2014 Turkey Shoot: With whispers of light wind most of the morning the 2014 Turkey Shoot was looking like it would be grounded for most of the day. However the wind did fill in about 11:30 AM ranging from 3-8 mph and shifting from the N to NW to NE. RC was able to get off 5 races. After the race all enjoyed the turkey chili cooked by Harvey Bailey and banjo music by Ken Beck.

2014 One Design Series: April 5 Wind NW 5-10

2014 Dinghy Delta Ditch: The Dinghy Delta Ditch is now in it's 10th year and this year it did not disappoint. A consistent 10 knot breeze and a strong flood current pushed the fleet to LWSC in good time and kept the handicaps fair. All but 5 boats finished in a 21 minute window between 6:15 PM and 6:36 PM showing just how competitive this 30 mile race can be. Not only that but the participants were treated to a live band and a great BBQ after the race and with the good winds there was plenty of daylight left to enjoy the festivities.

2014 Summer Evening Series: Summer series good delta breezes every Thursday evening... come on out!

2013 Turkey Shoot Regatta: Very light wind day. Only got 2 races off.

2013 Dinghy Delta Ditch: The 2013 Dinghy Delta Ditch in many ways felt like a return to the early years of the regatta. A mild breeze at the start of the regatta was a precursor to the standard delta breeze that comes later in the afternoon. The flood tide gently pushed the fleet up-river and everyone arrived at Lake Washington between 6:00 and 7:30 PM allowing plenty of time to de-rig get packed up and have relaxing BBQ before heading home at twilight. This year the Thistles seemed to get the best of the conditions taking 3 of the top 4 spots but the lone Flying Dutchman snuck in amongst them. The 5o5 managed to hang close behind but the wind never quite came up enough for them to take advantage of their boat's potential. Yet still many different single handed boats were not far behind and had the wind come in just a little earlier the trophies might have been handed out quite differently.

2013 Summer Series: Another year of great Laser sailing is in the books. Make sure you put the 2014 series on your calendar.

2013 One Design Series: enter description here...

2012 Turkey Shoot Regatta: The wind was predominately from the north with significant winds shifts from NE to NWW to West then back to North. The wind ranged from 0 to 5 mph.

2012 UCDavis Benefit Regatta: 2012 UC Davis Benefit Regatta started late with light and shifty winds that developed stedily to 10 mph from the SW. While the Day Sailer Laser FJ and Open A classes got in 4 races the Open B only got in 3 races.

2012 Dinghy Delta Ditch: The 8th annual Dinghy Delta Ditch was the 2nd exceptionally light air affair in the history of the event. The long range weather report leading up to the event called for light and variable wind. However with a couple days to go the weather report switched a much more favorable 10-15 out of the west. Unfortunately it turns out the long range forecast was more accurate and a fluky northerly breeze dominated the majority of the day. As evening closed in a light westerly breeze did eventually fill in allowing the fastest spinnaker boats a shot at finishing while the slower boats called it quits and were towed the majority of the way into the finish.

Luckily unlike the previous light air affair the chase boats were well prepared for this scenario and every boat was towed in within an hour of dark and the after-dark sailors were provided with red and green glow sticks to supplement their coast guard mandated flashlights for navigation. Lots of cold water was on hand to help the participants through the long day and a large spread of food was waiting for them when they pulled in.

Extra props to go Doug McWilliam's on his Flying Dutchman and Jim Margeson on his Laser for lasting as long as possible only being towed well after sunset when the wind died again. Jim is our

2012 Summer Series: The Summer Series is underway and the Laser fleet is out in force as always. Other fleets are welcome to participate and will be scored if they want. Check back every week to see how the series is progressing but most of all come out sailing. 1st signal is at 6:00 PM eery Thursday evening!

2012 One Design Series: The One Design Series race #1 was held Saturday April 7th. It was a sunny day with challenging winds that not only shifted from the North/West to North with several blasts from the East the wind varied from a steady 5-6 to no wind.

2011 Turkey Shoot: The 2011 Turkey Shoot was a big success with over 40 boat. Winds were from the southwest at 5 to 15 mph. While the ship slowed us down for a bit we still managed to get in 4 races. Congrats to the winners.

2011 UC Davis Benefit Regatta: Thanks to all who supported UCD's regatta.

2011 Dinghy Delta Ditch: While the 2011 Dinghy Delta Ditch may not have been one for the record books in any regard it did have it's charm. Getting around the windward mark quickly in the light winds at the start proved to be very important as the flood current was already running strong by the time the race started. Those who struggled saw the leaders shoot way out in front never to be caught. After the usual lull just inside the start of the shipping channel the wind started to pick up for usual delta breezes to bring the fleet in between 7 and 9 PM. In the end the 2nd year of pursuit racing saw the top boats as diverse as the 1st year with top 6 consisting of 5 different boat types (505 Wing Dinghy Banshee Flying Dutchman and 2 Thistles).

2011 Summer Series: The Summer Series is in the books and it was another good season of consistent winds. There was only one washout day and there were very few light air days. Overall it was one of the most consistent seasons on record and perhaps a new race total record with 74 races over 15 Thursdays. Congratulations to Brian Schyberg who won the season with consistent scoring throughout the whole season and to runner-up Fred Turner who after missing two early dates didn't miss again.

2011 One Design Series: 2011 One Design will be a 6 race series starting in March and ending in September.

2010 Turkey Shoot: 44 boats signed up for the Turkey Shoot. NOAA forcasted 7 mph from the south. What we got was 10-12 with gusts up to 18 mph. It was a sunny day. Course used a leeward starting line with a windward finish.

2010 Dinghy Delta Ditch: The 2010 DDD had the makings of a record breaking year based on the conditions at the start blowing 15-25 knots. After a 50 minute delayed start due to logistical challenges with some of the late running entrants the pursuit start was underway sending the slower boats off first and the faster boats hunting them down. Putting a damper on the record books as soon as the boats turned the corner into the man-made shipping channel the wind moderated to a traditional 7-10 knots. Nevertheless even with the above mentioned delay the first boats finished just after 6:30 PM and the majority of the fleet was in by 7:15 and the stragglers coming in just after 7:30. While the 6th annual DDD won't go down in the record books it may have been one of the most enjoyable yet with the pursuit race adding that extra bit of drama.

2010 Summer Series: The Summer series is completed. Check the final results. Dan Clark finally came out consistently enough to win the overall championship and a big congrats to him. For those who didn't make it out you're missing a great opportunity to improve your racing skills. You'll get 50+ starts hundred's of mark roundings thousand's of tacks and gybes. You can't help but get better. Remember all classes not just Lasers are invited.

2010 One Design Series : The One Design series is complete. Check out the final results. The plan for next year is to work on growing the fleets. Come on out next year!

2009 Turkey Shoot: It was another year of turkey trophies and LWSC's notoriously challenging late fall breezes for the 2009 Turkey Shoot.

2009 Dinghy Delta Ditch: The 2009 DDD was one for the record books but not the sort one usually shoots for. After the regularly scheduled breeze failed to develop the boats were towed about 4 miles up river from the launch site before starting in a weak northeasterly breeze. It took nearly two hours for the wind to clock around to its normal southwesterly direction. Add to all this that the flood tide was late in arriving and it made for the longest DDD in history. The majority of the fleet finished well after dark and the last boat arrived at the finish well after 10:30 PM. It was one for the record books...

2009 Jazz Cup: The 2009 Jazz Cup returned to Memorial Day Weekend after a one-year hiatus. The holiday weekend allowed for people from further out of town time to travel home after a full two days of sailing. Check out the results!

2009 Summer Series: The 2009 Summer Series looks to be shaping up to have one of the largest Laser fleets yet. With 8 boats already signed up and 4 more who were regulars in the past and have expressed interested again this year we could see a total of 15 entrants by season's end. Other fleets are welcome to. Come on out!

2008 Turkey Shoot Regatta: This years Shoot featured 48 sailboats in several different classes. The wind started out at 15+ knots with the temps in the mid 60's

2008 Dinghy Delta Ditch: The 2008 Dinghy Delta Ditch (DDD) was another good one. Although it looked like it might be a drifter when the wind shutoff shortly after the fleet left the docks for the starting area. However after a 45 minute delay at the starting area the delta breezes came in to cool everyone off and trigger the 1st starting sequence. When the dust settled it ended up being a proto-typical day in the delta. Zhhenya Kiueskhkin-Stepanoff finished the course in just under 4 hours falling 40 minutes short of the course record of 3:19:45 set by Dan Clark last year. Doug Graham won the overall handicap scoring for the 2nd year in a row but also fell short of his corrected time record by about 30 minutes.

2008 Jazz Cup: The Jazz Cup completed its third year with another successful regatta. Winds were mild yet consistent and the races were wrapped up before the California wildfires did too much to affect the air quality.

2008 Summer Series: The Summer Series is off to a great start with stronger than usual winds on 2 of the 4 racing nights and the average winds just under 10 knots for the other two nights. The Laser fleet has been out in force with 8 entrants with the remaining boats in an open fleet with both a C-15 and Sunfish fleet on the verge of forming as well as a Lido fleet that is being scored separately. Come out and enjoy the great sailing!

2008 Midwinters #3: The Midwinter series wrapped up with light wind but close action among the racers.

LWSC Midwinters #2: We saw snow flakes on the signal boat and ran seven races before the big storm hit.

2008 Midwinters #1: On January 25th LWSC kicked off its annual Midwinter series.

2007 Turkey Shoot: Sunny day winds 8-12 with gusts 20-27 mph. Great turnout!

2007 Lido District 2 Championship: Saturday October 6 2007 was a clear day with the wind coming primarily from the NW 8-13 with shifts to the WNW.

Sunday October 7 2007 an East wind died just before the start. Winds throughout the day fluctuated from E to W 0-8.

2007 Dinghy Delta Ditch: The 2007 Dinghy Delta Ditch was one for the record books. A strong Delta Breeze of a sustained 15 mph with gusts into the mid 20's both challenged the sailors skill and their equipment while giving them the opportunity of a lifetime to set a course record. Both the elapsed time record and portsmouth corrected records were broken by over an hour setting impressive marks for the course. The absolute mark of 3:19:45 set in a Thistle has both the potential to stand for a long time and should entice northern California's fastest dinghies to make their attempt at breaking the record.

2007 Jazz Cup: The Jazz Cup had something for everyone. On Saturday light a puffy air dominated. On Sunday a stronger all-day delta breeze had 10-15 knots in the morning and slowly abated over the course of the day. The always challenging conditions provided for great competition in this 3rd edition of the Jazz Cup.

2007 Summer Series: The summer series is in full swing. Check out the current resuts and come on out on Thursday evenings for some great Delta Breeze sailing.

2007 Midwinters: The 2007 Midwinters finished with a bang in March. After a drifter in January and passing storm conditions in February March delivered brilliant sunshine and 10 knot breeze. The perfect midwinter day. Congratulations to the winners in all three fleets. Yet again consistent performance along with consistent attendance proved to be the key to victory.

2006 Turkey Shoot: The 2006 Turkey Shoot was a big success with one of the largest fleets we've had in a number of years. Whole Thanksgiving Turkeys were handed out as trophies for the winners of each class. Congradulations to all the winners!

2006 Dinghy Delta Ditch: The day of the 2nd annual Dinghy Delta Ditch was forcast to be an extremely hot day without much wind. As a result many potential entrants decided not to show. Boy did they miss out! In the end we got 5-8 knot winds for almost the entire race minus a 3-mile wind hole. The temperature on the water never approached the 108 degrees forcasted nor felt as warm as the 99 degrees it actually was. With the improved conditions new course records were set both for elapsed time (5:12:30) and corrected time (5:51:48).

2006 Summer Series: The Summer Series is finished after 4 months of sailing. This year was not our best for wind but we still got in a good series. 2nd place was particularly hard fought for this year with three boats within 3 points. Make your plans now to start coming out next year starting in May

2006 Jazz Cup: This year's Jazz Cup saw two wind systems fighting against each other; as a result conditions were fluky. But everyone bore with the challenges and we were able to get 7 races around the bouys. A total of 18 boats raced in 3 separate starts.

2005 Turkey Shoot: Another year another opportunity to win a Turkey at this annually popular event. This year we had more boats than we usually have. Congradulations to the winners!

2005 Dinghy Delta Ditch: For the first year for this event it went off pretty well. Winds were generally light although they picked up to close to 10 knots by the finish. There was also a very good current pushing everyone upstream keeping the length of the race under 6 hours for all participants. All in all a good time was had by all.

2005 Jazz Cup: The first annual Jazz Cup was a big success. Big winds and good company made this regatta one to make sure you get on the calendar for next year.

2005 Summer Series: The 2005 Summer Series is off to a great start. Come back each Friday to see updated results.

2005 Midwinters: The 2005 Midwinters are underway and the glorious weather trend continues! On January 29th we had mostly clear skys temperatures in the low 60's and wind that built from 5 to 10 knots with gusts to 15. What more can you ask for? The winds did provide quite a challenge as they were constantly oscillating giving the sailors fits of frustration and lots of lead changes.

2004 Turkey Shoot: This year's Turkey Shoot was another light wind affair. Nevertheless the patient race committee was able to get off three good races. That and the good food available in the clubhouse after racing followed by the traditional frozen turkey trophies made for another successful Turkey Shoot.

2004 Summer Series: The summer series has been blessed with good winds from 5 to 20 knots averaging 10-15. There has yet to be a drifter yet! Ken Crawford set the pace early but was unable to build a big lead because of missed dates. Don Hill charged back in June closing the gap to 5 points at the 'All Star' break for the Independence Day fireworks. With 8 dates finished and 8 days left at the break it's anyones series to win.

2004 Spring Regatta: Mild conditions marked this year's Spring Regatta. Maybe some of the C15's and Laser's didn't come out because that's what they suspected. Nevertheless the winds were consistent enough coming out of the Northwest to get in 5 good races.

2004 Midwinters: On January 24th LWSC kicked off its third annual Midwinter series. The weather was overcast to start but the sun came out about half way through the day. Unfortunately when the sun came out what little wind there was called it quits. The race committee did its best to get off as many races as possible by setting a short course and was able to get off 4 races.

2003 Turkey Shoot: On Sunday November 16th LWSC ran its annual Turkey Shoot regatta. The format was changed slightly from previous years to allow for 5 races and a short break for the free lunch. This years winds looked dreadful at the start of the day but built to a consistent 5-10 knot breeze out of the southwest. As always the competition was tight with two of the four classes being decided by one point. It seems that everyone was desperate to get their hands on the top prize: the traditional Thanksgiving Turkey!

2003 Spring Regatta: On May 17th and 18th we held our annual Spring Regatta. This year's competition was dominated by heavy wind sailors in 20-25 knots of wind that kept the more junior sailors practicing their boat righting skills. On Saturday the race committee got off 4 races for both fleets. On Sunday they held a long pursuit race down the shipping channel.

2003 Midwinters: On January 25th LWSC kicked off its second annual Midwinter series. The weather was warm the water was cool and a variable and shifty 4-8 knot breeze kept the sailors challenged from first gun until the finish of the 5th race. On February 22nd the series continued with a beatiful warm day with 10-15 knot breezes. It was as good as sailing. Shifty winds made the sailing challenging and the free beer soda and chili made it a great day. The series wrapped up on March 22nd with another beautiful 10-15 knot day. Click the above link for results and pictures of the series.

2002 Turkey Shoot: On November 23rd LWSC ran its annual Turkey Shoot regatta. The light late fall winds always prove very challenging and this year was no different. As always the winners were presented with frozen turkeys for their trophies.