Lake Washington Sailing Club - Dinghy Delta Ditch 2016

2017 Dinghy Delta Ditch

Saturday August 5th

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Want to try something different? Sail the Dinghy Delta Ditch regatta. It's an experience like no other!

This regatta is different than most, instead of sailing around the bouys like we always do, why not try something a little different? How about a 30 mile sail through the delta? The NOR is now posted so check it out at the below link. It includes the entry form. Remember to pre-register to avoid the $15 late-fee!

Because this is a one-way event, the main thing that makes this event more difficult than others is the logistics of getting people, boats, their cars and their trailers/dollies all in the right place at the right time. The easiest way for this to happen is for every sailor to bring a support person who will drive their car/trailer from the start to the finish while the race is being run. That said, we realize that many who would like to race won't have that kind of support. As such we will provide, just like we did in previous years, for a shuttle to take people back and forth between the start area and the finish area. By launching your boat or putting it on a disassemblable dolly (like a seitech) you will be able to leave your boat at the launching area, drive your car/trailer to the finishing area and then take a shuttle back to the starting area all before the skippers meeting. The shuttles will then take all of the dollies back to the finishing area, so that you'll be all prepared to pull out when you finish.

Also see the supplimentary information below the NOR section to help you plan for the event.

Take a look at the NOR (Entry Form Included) and mail in your Entry today:

Take a look at the Sailing Instructions and Course Sheet:
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Charts of the course:
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Chart of launch/start area

Chart of entire course
Pictures of the launching area:
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Entrance to Marina

Patio Area for registration
and skippers meeting

Ramp for launching
Driving Directions:
Driving directions from Sacramento to the launch site
Driving directions from the Bay Area to the launch site
Driving directions from the launch site to LWSC
Driving directions from the launch site to LWSC - long way through Delta with spectator locations
Sacramento attractions for support staff: